Monday, February 4, 2013

New England Brewing Company - Ghandi Bot

Nothing on the Nebco website about this beer but it has been a want of mine for a while and thankfully BeerAdvocate member Davey101 was able to hook me up with a can of it as an extra.  Also in the box is another little goody I'll be reviewing in the next few days!

I only have limited knowledge of this beer but it is a rotating release from New England Brewing Co. and is an Imperial IPA that clocks in at a 8.80%abv.


Ghandi Bot poured a rusty copper color and left about a 2 finger head after the pour.  The head did dissipate but it is leaving a very nice lacing down the glass and leaves nice frothy lace around the glass when you swirl it.  The head is made up mostly of soapy white bubbles and also seems to leave a slight film over the top of the beer.  This beer has some clarity to it but definitely won't win any awards with it as it does have some haze throughout the glass but I personally love a hazy IPA.

Up front I get a big dank aroma from the hops but then right after that I get a tropical fruit note and some really sweet peach in there as well.  Definitely some light pine mixed in there as well as well as a really nice sweet malt in there as well.  I love the aroma on this so far.  Maybe if Marble IPA and Heady Topper were blended together this would be the outcome.  The more and more I smell this the more tropical fruit and peach I get. I am definitely in for a treat because I have fell in love with any IPA that has an aroma similar to this.

Hmm.  So on the front end I get a real small amount of citrus and pine and a somewhat bigger malt sweetness.  I get bitterness right on the front of the tongue but the flavor doesn't really come out until mid palate where I get a mixture of orange and grapefruit and small amount of pine and some of that tropical fruit and peach I was getting in the aroma.  I am really impressed with the flavors so far.  Everything I was getting on the nose I am getting in even amounts in my mouth and a sweet bready malt bring it all together.  Finish is mostly grapefruit and then a soft bitterness that lingers for a while after the finish but really just helps cleanse the palate for another drink more so than wrecking it.  Delicious beer but I really wish there was something more on the front of the palate other than just being almost non-existent.  I would probably be blown away right now had the front of the beer be as great as it was in the middle and end of my mouth.  Maybe my taste buds are off today?

I will have to revisit this again for sure.  It is a really delicious and juicy IPA with just enough pine to make it interesting and a nice sweet malt that holds everything together but it I need more than just subtle characteristics on the front of the palate before it gives way into the waves of flavor that hit the middle of the mouth.  It is very possible that I am just having an off night so don't condemn me for this review.  I will review this again down the line and update this accordingly!

Cheers ladies and gentlemen!

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