Monday, December 17, 2012

Oskar Blues Ten Fidy (Epic)

Ten Fidy, a russian imperial stout, is the Fall Seasonal from Oskar Blues brewing company.  I was happy when I found out that Oskar Blues would start distributing their beers in Illinois and I jumped on the chance to buy a four pack of this when I saw it.  After the first can I knew why it was so highly regarded.

After cracking the can it poured a viscous, oil like black.  Thick and dense and no light passing through, not even on the edges.  The camera doesn't do the color of the head justice.  The picture shows it as a basic tan head but in person it was a dark brown.  Like mud floating on water or something along those lines.  Really, really nice looking beer!

The aroma you ask? Well let me tell you that if you happen to pick some of this up you are in for a treat! Aroma is like a brownie dusted with espresso beans and undertones of fudge and more roastiness and some subtle dark fruit character.

Dark fruits and chocolate start up front and and give way to a roasted quality and finished fairly dry after having coated the mouth.  Not overly sweet but a perfect amount of sweetness to it that is cut by the roast.  Nicely balanced but I wouldn't mind if it was sweeter.  Still incredible, though!

It feels thick through and through.  This beer coats the mouth with layers of flavor and it goes down real easy for being a beer that clocks in at 10.5%.

Overall I would have to say this is a must buy for anyone who is a fan of Russian Imperial Stouts.  It is a perfect example and what this category should be.  Incredible.

I hope everyone is drinking well tonight!

Cheers ladies and gentlemen

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