Saturday, January 5, 2013

Deschutes Jubelale

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I just received this beer in a trade yesterday and I am very excited to try it.  This is Deschutes Jubelale, their winter warmer ale.  The label changes every year and this is the 2012 version.

I have never had this beer before but I have always wanted to try it since everything else I have tried from them has been great.

Enough of all this, time for the pour and the review! After all that is why you're reading this, right?

The pour yields a 1-2 finger head on it and so far 5 minutes has passed and it is still a fluffy, pillowy like head.  It isn't going anywhere.  The beer itself is a reddish brown and is extremely clear.  Really nice looking winter warmer and what I was expecting as far as the beautiful color this beer has.

This beer surprises me again.  The aroma on this is wonderful!  A very heavy breadyness to it but a bread that has been dunked in cinnamon maybe, or brown sugar.  A small alcohol aroma to it as well but not over powering at all.  Maybe a little bit of that fig or raisin character that is familiar with russian imperial stouts or barleywines.  Really, really nice smelling beer.  This is awesome.

This beer is a lot lighter than what I was expecting as far as taste goes.  I was expecting this to be much sweeter.  I am getting a nice breadyness there but not as much, if any, of the cinnamon or brown sugar.  There is some nuttiness in there and some caramel.  The surprising thing about this beer is the hop bitterness I get from this.  Not over powering but it really clears the palate and gets it ready for another drink.

Mouthfeel on this was light to medium but had a nice creamyness with it.  Really nice mouthfeel!

Overall I think this beer is really nice.  A nice winter warmer style beer for a hophead but still has the complexity for any malt lover to enjoy.  I definitely recommend picking this up and giving it a try because from glass, to aroma, to taste, the beauty of this beer shows its colors.

Cheers ladies and gentlemen!

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