Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Southern Tier 2xIPA

Well, looks like I had time for a post before Thanksgiving after all ...and have a beer.  Decided my first review on here would be Southern Tier 2xIPA.  One of my favorite year round Imperial IPAs, or DIPAs as they are often referred to as on various websites.

The initial pour yielded a beautiful golden orange color with just about a one finger head on it.  Dissipates fairly quickly but there is lacing on the glass for days as you drink it.

The aroma is very nice.  Very light malt aroma and just a huge pine bomb with a bit of grapefruit mixed in their as well.  Smells slightly sweet as well but the shining point in the aroma is pine and grapefruit.

The taste follows the aroma.  Light sweetness from the malt on the finish but from start to finish you are hit with a wonderful combination of pine and citrus that almost overwhelms you, but is cut down slightly with a malt sweetness at the end.

I really enjoy this beer. I have purchased it many times and i will continue to do so in the future.  As far as year round imperial ipas go, I would put this in the top 5.  I enjoy the less balanced and more aggressively hopped double ipa and this gives me that and for 10 dollars a six pack i think it is a darn good deal.

Have a good evening everyone.

Cheers and goodnight,


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